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Artist Update: It was a little over a year ago that I lost my studio to fire. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my recovery! Now that things have settled a bit with a workspace in a new place, I can finally start to focus on GROWTH! I look forward to more work with my community at Talent Maker City and, on my own, exploring the process of making inks. I am also looking forward to making more prints in relief. Screenprinting has been keeping me afloat, but now I am on my way to diving deeper into layers and processes. Thanks again for your support. I will be updating my website as I create more editions of prints. 

Amy Godard

Amy Godard is an Oregon Artist who makes prints inspired by nature, and humanity. She is involved in collective art making spaces and galleries in southern Oregon. Amy is drawn to printmaking because of its versatility. She makes Screen prints, lino cuts, woodcuts and stencils.

“The medium of printmaking is very diverse in both process and application, that is why I am drawn to it. I love the craft and the process of printmaking because of the natural tendencies it has that require me to continually refine my design.”