Amy Godard

Current Exhibitions


Weekends @ Lithia Artisans Market of Ashland

Tee shirts at ART BOP Beer in Talent

WS 252 @ Ashland Artisan Emporium

October Lovetts Deconstruction SW PDX

Screenprints and Woodcuts

Summer time

Be true to thyself and know who you are. Choose to be yourself, and know where you come from. Be kind when you’re struggling. Know your purpose. You do not always have to do what is expected of you, but rather what feels right to your soul. Stand up for yourself and stand up for others. Align yourself with your own clock. Write, meditate, be curious, get out of your comfort zone. Ask yourself where your energy comes from. Feed your highest vibration. Your mind is the root of your actions. Reflect, reframe, dont play the victim. Know your mission, and be open to possibilities.  Self-knowing allows reflection upon self and space to pursue a higher knowledge instead of blame and victimhood. Patience and forgiveness are qualities to cultivate. Feed your softness and strength. Be generous and kind to yourself. Be the person you love to be.

Amy Godard

Amy Godard is an Oregon Artist who makes prints inspired by nature, humanity and social justice movements. She is involved in collective art making spaces and galleries in southern Oregon. Amy is drawn to printmaking because of its versatility. She makes Screen prints, lino cuts, woodcuts and stencils.

“The medium of printmaking is very diverse in both process and application, that is why I am drawn to it. I love the craft and the process of printmaking because of the natural tendencies it has that require me to continually refine my design.”