Amy Godard

She primarily works as an artist, printmaker and mentor in the Arts. She helps out on her families certified Organic farm where she grows crops for herbal teas and salves. During the school year she provides mentorship in the Arts to youth in Southern Oregon.

“Making art for me is processing my experience into something that feels natural and authentic. As an organic farmer I continually observe patterns and cycles of the natural world. This influences me in numerous ways. Through the process of planting to harvest, I am a witness to a wonderful force at work. “

Plants and People:

My goal is to produce a body of ethnobotanical prints to tell the story of plants and how people relate to them. As an artist I want to consider the cultural history and heritage of plants. I use scientific journals, recipes and stories as references for my work.  I make extensive sketches to refine my designs and then make the print matrix either by carving wood or cutting paper by hand. In my printing process I am able to achieve different colors, values and hues so each individual print is unique in its own way.

“My images are created by continually refining my design from image to icon. The goal is to create images that transcend representation into the realm of icon.”

Woodcut prints

I use Japanese woodcarving tools to carve out my print matrix. For some of my blocks I use Japanese woodcut printing techniques and for others I roll out ink and apply it to the block. I print my woodcuts on Mulberry, Hosho, Kitikata or Masa Dosa papers that are made in Japan.

Lino Cut Prints

I like making linoleum prints because you can make curved lines with ease. I use an all natural linoleum and Japanese woodcut tools to carve it. I print my Lino cuts on Mulberry, Hosho, Kitikata or Masa Dosa papers that are made in Japan. I use oil based inks.


For my screen prints I use a variety of techniques to create my images. The most common technique I use is to create paper cut outs to make my image. After I make the cut out I burn it onto a screen using a photo emulsion process. I primarily print on Acid free Cougar Natural paper.